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Kevin Spafford
Kevin Spafford


Office: (877) 523-7411

Fax: (530) 671-2103

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To address your questions, we are happy to offer you a complimentary phone consultation with Kevin Spafford.  This will allow you the opportunity to discuss your primary objectives, review potential next steps, and determine how we may help.

About Kevin Spafford:

As a Financial Planner, Kevin Spafford founded Legacy by Design, LLC, exclusively to serve the succession planning needs of farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness owners. Over the last ten years, he’s spearheaded initiatives to improve the way farm families and agripreneurs engage in the succession planning process.

Transitioning the family business from one generation to the next is a natural next step for a thriving operation. It removes uncertainty, provides opportunity, and creates a lasting legacy.

But, multigenerational success is difficult and rare. The process isn’t easy, and the path is not always clear. At Legacy by Design we provide succession solutions to clients across North America.  As a financial planning-first organization, our team collaborates to deliver quality results.

At Legacy by Design, we engage consumers in experiences that encourage action and generate results. We provide a depth and breadth of education for succession planning to both consumers and professional advisors.

Back in 2005, Kevin wrote Legacy by Design: Succession Planning for Agribusiness Owners. In 2008, he helped launch the Farm Journal Legacy Project, the largest succession planning initiative ever in the ag community. And in 2011, the Legacy Project won the prestigious Grand Neal Award for excellence in business journalism.

The farm community will recognize Kevin as a regular contributor of succession and leadership guidance for Farm Progress and Farm Futures publications throughout the country.

Before Legacy, Kevin spent 20 years with State Farm Insurance as an Agent, Agency Manager, and Agency Field Consultant.  His career has always centered on serving others.  With State Farm, Kevin worked to help families achieve a sense of security by providing financial security.

Legacy by Design Services:

  • Bring creative design to your succession planning efforts, including your ownership transition, financial security, retirement options, and estate tax strategies.
  • Coordinate with your other advisors, such as your accountant or attorney, to help ensure
  • cohesive and comprehensive wealth creation and preservation strategies.
  • Serve as a catalyst for achieving your family’s financial security and succession planning objectives.

Our Philosophy:

  • Engage in long-term relationships, which respect your confidentiality.
  • Provide alternative solutions to help you make informed decisions.
  • Assemble the core resources you need to protect and preserve your family’s financial security.

Our Clientele:

  • Successful farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness owners who seek to grow wealth and expand opportunities which may endow the family for generations.
  • Self-driven agripreneurs who do not have the time or expertise to manage their family’s financial security and develop a next generation leadership structure to assume control.  
  • Family business owners who are experiencing a gap among the services offered by traditional advisors and desire comprehensive and coordinated solutions.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop a strategic plan to build a better future, and establish the foundation for a better business – today and tomorrow.

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About Legacy by Design's Comprehensive Succession Solution

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