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About Us

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Our Comprehensive Succession SolutionTM includes planning for:   

Ownership Transitions
for Family Business Owners

Retirement Options
for Family Business Owners

Financial Security
for Family Business Owners

Investment Strategies
for Family Business Owners

Estate Tax Provisions
for Family Business Owners

Buy/Sell Designs
for Family Business Owners

Key Person Strategies
for Family Business Owners

Equitable Distributions
for Family Business Owners


Legacy by Design provides hometown service from
coast to coast.


















About Us

Succession is the watershed issue facing America's farm families!

        “If a family has not adequately planned for succession, the farm is likely to:

•  Go out of business
•  Be absorbed by competitor
•  Be converted to other uses."
                               (From the USDA)

This crisis-in-the-making comes at a time when land prices are out-stripping a farmer’s ability grow the operation and fewer members of the family are involved in the business.

Multigenerational success is difficult and rare. Evidence shows that most families don’t have a plan for succession and don’t know where to begin, or even who can help. Families often find themselves overwhelmed, and underprepared for a generational transition.

Far beyond legal documents and life insurance, a comprehensive succession plan includes provisions for ownership transition, leadership development, financial security, and the estate tax. Legacy by Design provides the information, tools, and resources necessary to plan for succession and prepare for a next generation of farming success.      


Legacy by Design:

Founded in 2005, Legacy by Design, LLC is a succession planning firm dedicated to farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness owners. Legacy’s process is founded on good communication and common goals. Ownership transition, financial security, leadership development, and estate tax provisions are foundational to Legacy’s planning model. Our Comprehensive Succession Solution™ is designed to provide lasting security for family business owners.



Kevin Spafford, CFP®:

As the founder of Legacy by Design, Kevin has spearheaded initiatives to improve the way farm families engage in the succession planning process. He’s been published more than 250 times in the ag’s leading magazines – including his monthly LegacyConnection series for Farm Progress and Farm Futures. Kevin’s also facilitated more than 100 live events benefitting thousands of farm families across the U.S. However, the professional role Kevin finds most gratifying is engaging families in the succession planning process and helping his clients to leave a lasting legacy.

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