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Archived columns
by Kevin Spafford

Published in Farm Journal
Implement and Tractor


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2012 Columns

Help to Overcome Succession Hiccups - Early Spring 2012
The Character of a Leader - February 2012
Are You Growing Success?  - January 2012


2011 Columns

The Season Is Upon Us - December 2011
Build Your Dream Farm - December 2011
Non-Farming Landlords Need Succession Too - Mid-November 2011
Transition Tips for Aspiring and Retiring Farmers - November 2011
What's an Operating Agreement - October 2011
Is a Merger in Your Future? - September 2011
Spare Me the Jargon - September 2011
Do You Have a Family Employment Policy
? - August 2011
Legacy Project 2011 Report - The annual all-Legacy issue of Farm Journal
Goose That Laid the Golden Egg Revisited - April 2011
How Safe Is Your Base? - Late Sping 2011
Family Employment Policy - March 2011
The Decisions You Make - February 2011
One Family at a Time - February 2011
Keys to Planning Success - January 2011

2010 Columns

Select the Right Advisor
- December 2010
The Mentoring Difference - Nov/Dec 2010
She Wants to Come Home - November 2010
Conversation Starters for Equipment Owners - October 2010
Don't Panic Over Taxes!
- October 2010
Did I Mention the Estate Tax? - September 2010
The Probability of Success
- July 2010
Don't Put It Off  - June 2010
He Wants to Come Home - Late Spring 2010
Tools to Help Along the Way - Early Spring 2010
Is Fair Versus Equal Really Just Sibling Rivalry - March 2010
The Estate Tax Law - February 2010
Are You a Golden... or Bald? - February 2010
Do I Really Want to Retire?- February 2010
Needs, Demands, and Expectations - January 2010
Dreams to Realize - January 2010

2009 Columns

A Wedge of Discontent
- December 2009
How to Know When It's Time - Mid-November 2009
Communication - Your Survival Depends on It - November 2009
Free Enterprise Isn't Free - October 2009
We Simply Want What's Best - October 2009
It Seemed Like a Good Idea  - Fall 2009
Will Your Farm Be Ready for Transition - September 2009
The Challenge of Kids These Days - August 2009
Change Happens - June 2009
I Want to be a Rancher - May 2009
An Inactive's Perspective - April 2009
Qualities of Leadership - March 2009
The Miracle of Commitment - Mid-Feb 2009
Our No. 1 Goal - February 2009
Navigate the Road Ahead - Jan/Feb 2009
A Rock and a Hard Place - January 2009


2008 Columns

Ready or Not for Succession
- December 2008
The Right Tool for the Job - Nov/Dec 2008
The Legacy Project  -  November 2008
"Okay, Now What?" - September 2008
A Lesson from the Golden Eggs - Succession Solutions, March 2008
A Springboard to the Future - Succession Solutions, February 2008
A Call to Action - Succession Solutions, January 2008

2007 Columns

Don't Put it Off
- Succession Solutions, December 2007

Back to the Farm - Succession Solutions, November 2007
At Square One - Succession Solutions, September 2007
The Value of a Plan - Succession Solutions, August 2007
In an Effort to Change the World - Succession Solutions, Late Spring 2007
Is That a Good Idea?- Succession Solutions, March 2007
Create Lasting Success - Succession Solutions, Mid-February 2007
Teeter-Totter Dilemma - Succession Solutions, January 2007

2006 Columns

An Answer Clearinghouse
- Succession Solutions, December 2006

When Legacy Matters - Succession Solutions, November 2006


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