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For True Leaders, Anything is Possible

Feb 20th 2015,

The fire had cost him everything except his pride and the determination not to let this disaster define him...


Whose Responsibility Is It?

Nov 5th 2014,

Are you sitting by, anticipating the succession planning outcome will align with your goals?


The Importance of Planning

Nov 20th 2014,

Will the next generation be prepared when it's time for them to take the reins?


Actions Trump Words

Feb 23rd 2015,

Succession is winning challenges and overcoming obstacles...


What If It Doesn't Work?

Mar 3rd 2015,

Too many well-intended parents overlook the obvious about their kids in to the operation...


Why eLegacyConnect?

Jun 5th 2013,

We invite you to explore our growing resources!  Succession Solutions for Farm Families...


Workshops: ASA with eLegacyConnect

Apr 4th 2014,

American Soybean Association offers a series of succession planning workshops, presented by Kevin Spafford...


Did You Say Succession?

Nov 22nd 2013,

A new online community can take the scare out of planning the transition of your farm...


Your Role in the New Frontier

Apr 25th 2013,

Farm communities develop the character traits of self-reliance and independence...


Are You a Mentor?

Sep 27th 2012,

Keys to professional success are the deep relationships we build with the people around us...


Benefits of Family Employment Policies

Aug 2nd 2013,

Though the family provides loyal employees and extra hands, if the business fails, the family is in trouble...


eLegacyConnect as New ASA Member Benefit

Oct 1st 2013,

"This is a great benefit for our members..."


Keeping the Farm in Your Family

Mar 28th 2013,

eLegacyConnect is a natural next step on the path to realizing your Legacy dreams...


Member Benefit Supports Farm Succession Planning

Oct 17th 2013,

"An important tool to help members protect their farms and family legacies by engaging users in farm succession planning activities..."


Announcing eLegacyConnect.com

Feb 21st 2013,

eLegacyConnect, a succession planning community, is designed to help you create a lasting legacy...


5 Success Strategies

Aug 8th 2012,

Priorities to keep in mind as you begin to plan for succession, from AZFB...


Farming for the Long Haul

Mar 16th 2015,

It's the quintessential family farming operation...


Leadership is Coaching and Coaching is Leadership

Feb 20th 2015,

With the longest winning streak in football,"Bob Ladouceur... channels an unstoppable force..."


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