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Feb 21st 2013, Legacy By Design

Legacy by Design Launches eLegacyConnect

Paulsen Marketing Presss Release 02.21.2013

For America’s farmers, ranchers and agribusiness owners, succession planning is top-of-mind. The USDA estimates that 70 percent of farmland will change hands in the next 20 years, so preserving our farming culture through properly designed succession plans has never been more critical.

Legacy by Design, a company solely dedicated to succession planning in the agricultural community, guides farm and ranch families through the very complex, and often times emotional, process of planning for succession. In an effort to provide Legacy by Design's resources to a broader audience, Paulsen helped develop the technological platform for an unrivaled online experience. eLegacyConnect provides educational resources, action plans, community forums and a number of resources to help farm families navigate the succession planning process. is a dynamic online community. It allows members proprietary access to a unique and extremely valuable library of information, interactive tools and invaluable experiences. It provides the forum and a roster of qualified advisors to answer questions and interact with engaged family members in real-time. As the site unfolds there will be a slate of weekly webinars and regular podcasts to inform the community. Topics will range from What is Succession Planning to How to Complete a Comprehensive Succession Plan.

Paulsen Marketing is also working with Legacy by Design to forge alliances in the ag community and provide eLegacyConnect as a value-added opportunity for a variety of organizations and associations in the industry. The platform for eLegacyConnect is cutting-edge and a first of its kind for both Legacy by Design and Paulsen Marketing.

Kevin Spafford, the founder of Legacy by Design and the architect for the Farm Journal Legacy Project, says of eLegacyConnect, “It is a welcome and essential addition to the tools and resources farmers may use to solve the succession planning puzzle.” He goes on to praise the team effort and dedication of Paulsen Marketing saying, “They act as an extended member of our team. The folks at Paulsen Marketing went the extra mile to understand our vision and then used their professional capabilities to make it come to life.”

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