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Workshops: ASA with eLegacyConnect

Apr 4th 2014, Legacy By Design





American Soybean Association
Press Release - April 03, 2014

"The American Soybean Association (ASA), in partnership with eLegacyConnect, is announcing a series of six regional succession planning education workshops in 2014. The Succession Planning Workshops are titled “Five Keys to Effective Succession Planning”, and sponsored by Farm Credit and AGCO in addition to the Illinois Soybean Association, the Kentucky Soybean Association and the Ohio Soybean Association.

The workshop dates and cities are: June 24, Memphis, TN; June 26, Paducah, KY; July 30, Sioux Falls, SD; August 19, Columbus, OH; August 21, Fort Wayne, IN and Dec.4, Moline, IL.

The workshops are open to all soybean producers and will have a registration fee for ASA members of $50 for the first person in a family and $30 for each additional family member. For non ASA members, the registration fee for the first person registering in a family will be $90 and a $70 fee will be charged for each additional person.

“ASA is excited to partner with our member benefit partner, eLegacyConnect and we are appreciative of the support from Farm Credit, AGCO and our state associations, to offer these import educational workshops,” said Bob Worth, ASA Membership and Corporate Relations Chairman. “ASA is dedicated to enhancing and protecting the livelihoods of soybean producers. ASA is conducting these workshops as an important tool in helping ASA members protect their farms and their family legacy.”

The Succession Planning Workshops are one-day events starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m. All participants are required to register through an online process beginning May 1, 2014. The exact workshop locations are still to be determined and will be announced at a later time.

Succession planning is the watershed issue facing America’s family farmers. Through these succession planning workshops, participants will learn the five keys to preserving the farm, and passing a successful operation to a well-prepared next generation. The workshops will taught by Kevin Spafford, founder of Legacy by Design.

To learn more about the workshops, click here. For more information about eLegacyConnect click here."

Registration opens in May.  Event details here.

View Workshop Agenda here.

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