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About Legacy by Design:   

We are solely dedicated to succession planning for farmers and agribusiness owners.  

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Utilizes the Comprehensive Succession Solution™:  

Ownership Transition
Financial Security
Leadership Development
Estate Tax Provisions

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We facilitate a multidisciplinary team of professionals to create solutions to the succession planning puzzle.  

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Our Legacy Certified Advisors™ are experienced professionals, committed to guiding farm families through the succession
planning process.

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Legacy by Design provides hometown service from
coast to coast.  

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Our service is built around a single pricing model, as opposed to hourly rates. A project fee will be quoted to you prior to engagement. 

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Comprehensive Succession Planning
is designed to:

Improve the operational integrity

Enhance the family's financial security.

Prepare the next generation to lead.

Allow peace of mind.

Ensure a lasting legacy.

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We invite you to schedule a
complimentary phone consultation:




About Our Planning Model

Legacy by Design's Comprehensive Succession Solution™ 



  • Ownership Transition -
    Details the process for transferring ownership to a well-prepared next generation may be as simple as identifying tomorrow's leaders, establishing a time frame for transition and defining the method of transfer.  In most cases, creating the transition plan requires measuring distributions, defining timelines and establishing the optimal ownership transition.  In evaluating alternatives for ownership transition, maintaining a continuity of management strength will be a primary goal. 

  • Financial Security -
    A well-crafted plan provides financial security for each household dependent on the success of the operation. Each affected family must measure financial results of the proposed succession plan to determine the effects on their financial security. Good financial management is imperative for lasting security.

  • Leadership Development -
    Most next generation leaders have a solid education and good experience.  They know the fundamentals and perform the requisite chores.  A plan for Leadership Development, including people management, team development, project coordination, business design and professional growth, is critical to continued growth and lasting success.

  • Estate Tax Provisions -
    Common estate planning techniques can compromise the integrity of an operation by granting management control to inactive family members.  An estate tax plan must protect the integrity of the operation, plan for equitable distributions and mitigate the estate tax liability.


 About Our Planning Process


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