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Succession Planning for Farming Professionals
and Family Business Owners

A Complete Succession Solution

70% of first generation farms, ranches, and family owned business will fail in the transition to the second generation. Of those that do survive, 90% will fail in the transition to a third. And of the few remaining after that, 96% will not transition to a fourth. With Legacy By Design, you can plan your business succession for generations to come.

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How It Works

Legacy By Design's end-to-end solution ensures that no stone is left unturned as we create your business succession plan.
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We specialize in helping Agriculture Businesses grow through each generation

Do I Need a Succession Plan?

Will your farm, ranch, or family business remain in the family for future generations?

Will ownership transition smoothly to the next generation and provide equitable benefits for all of your children?

Will your family operation provide financial security for you and lasting benefits for your dependents?

Will the estate tax and other transfer obligations force your family to sell the land to pay for their inheritance?

If you can't answer YES to any of the above questions, you may want to reach out to Kevin for a FREE CONSULTATION


Our customers love us!

Dave Phippen

Believe the Legacy-by-design Team is the right choice to develop these discussions and help to formulate a plan that is custom-tailored for your particular situation. Engaging each and every child and their spouse in this discussion can now be the most important measure you can bring to the table to ensure that your Family can remain friendly and loving after your lifetime.

Loyal Client Family

Kevin was a helpful and trusted resource who guided us through organizing and planning for the future of our farming operations. We are confident that with his expertise we have shaped our business to last for generations to come. Thank you Legacy by Design!

Scott and Ulla Park

Kevin's wide ranging knowledge of estate planning, investments, understanding a farmer's psyche, and pitfalls of rushed decision making has helped Park Farming make the delicate transfer of assets and responsibilities relatively seamless.


Kevin Spafford of Legacy by design offered viable solutions for preserving the heritage of our family farm. His insight into the challenges and opportunities facing family farming operations in today’s ever
changing business climate was invaluable.

Loyal Client Family

We started working with Kevin Spafford in 2020 to formulate a unified and comprehensive estate plan. It has been a real pleasure working with Kevin and his team. His experience and knowledge in agriculture estate planning has provided us a roadmap for continued success and growth while still protecting the family and the farming operation.

Gerald and Brit Fillmore

We have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Spafford developing our succession plan for our farming and processing operations. He has provided excellent legal and professional resources and advisors to assist in creating a well-addressed and cohesive plan for our family and our businesses.

Ron and Lucy Boeger

Kevin evaluates every situation on a personal level. He listens, suggest, adjusts and supplies information. Kevin’s thoughtful approach helps us to feel more confident we have reached a design that works for our family and business.

Need help planning for your family's future?

During our time together, I’ll answer your questions, I’ll give actionable solutions, and I’ll put you on the path toward achieving your goals.

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